The Buck Stops With Us

Let's put it into tiny little words, simple little concepts.

Do you remember the time your mother said to you, 'I feel so much grief and anger that I had you instead of the child I really wanted'?

No, neither do I.

You can't talk about love and grief in the same mouthful and expect your child to buy it. What, you'd never say it to their face? Do you not think that they see it in your eyes every time you look sad on their birthday, every time you look resigned that they didn't achieve on the same level as their peers?

End this bullshit myth that disability is tragedy and that disabled children are lesser, unworthy. I'm tired of it. I want to see we parents pulling the Welcome To Holland posters off our fridges, tearing the awareness bracelets off our wrists, stopping the channeling of hate and disappointment through our own internalised ableism.

It is the only way we can change the world for our children. The buck stops with us.


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