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Five Really Good Reasons To Start A Blog

There has to be at least five, right? That confronting sea of white space isn't any less confronting if it's on an easel or in front of you in a brand new moleskin notebook.My art lecturer always told me to make the first mark, no matter how daunting it is - to draw big, wildly scrawling patterns and marks that made no sense at all. But it's somehow harder to do with words - you're tempted to go backwards, regurgitate thoughts and ideas you've had in the past, put them down for posterity. A stupid idea and the enemy of creativity.First resolution, then - to leave old things behind. And the second - to come up with five really good reasons to start a blog.Are you ready?One - There are important things that need to be said. They're the things I care about - injustice, especially around very vulnerable people, like people with disability. Left of centre thinking, because the way to build power is through creativity and reasoning. And art, because the day we…