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Five Go To A Disability Conference

Ever been to a disability conference?Most disabled people and family members have.  They're generally overpriced, are run and organised by non disabled people and are directed at service providers for the commodification of disabled people.

I love the Famous Five and also the idea that they could be inappropriate, swearing, disabled people - attending the most annoying disability conference ever, with token crips and all the kinds of non disabled disability sector workers that we encounter every day.

Here's the link for your free book - Five Go To A Disability Conference.  Contains a shit load of swearing. 


Image description - an image which depicts a standard 'Famous Five' book cover.  The lettering reads 'the famous five' and 'five go to a disability conference'.  It is illustrated by Enid Blyton.  A boy is in the front in a crowd of people, wearing dark glasses.  A girl with short hair and a dog is beside him and there is also a girl and boy in…