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The Cripple High Five


Why We Must Not Go Gently Into The Night

You can see the look of strain in Glenda Lee's eyes as she prepares to meet with media.  There are cameramen bending down to wheelchair height to clip microphones onto her brightly coloured scarf.  Her power wheelchair is wedged into an artfully arranged cluster of manual and power chairs.

'This is the last thing I will do,' she says.  'I'm sick of fighting.  I've been doing this for forty years.'

The other women nod in agreement.  They are not anti euthanasia activists - they are disabled women who have flown or traveled to protest the South Australian assisted suicide bill from a disability and human rights perspective.  Half are South Australian.  Others are from NSW, Victoria and WA.  One by one, they've been admitted through a side door and ushered into a small lift to hold a press conference in a courtyard at Parliament House.

'It wasn't accessible at all until a few years ago,' says a staffer brightly.  The women look unsurprised - t…